Bucket hats

Aug29th 2023


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  • BEST SUN PROTECTION HAT ON THE MARKET- Some people call them safari hats, some people call them bucket hats, some people just call them sun hats or summer hats. Well, we call them the MOST COMFORTABLE hat you’ll ever find. Lightweight and so comfy! But we didn’t compromise on safety! UPF 50+ sun protection to keep your little ones safe while they are having fun in the sun!
  • ADJUSTABLE – This is the sunhat that always fits! It’s made for all ages and stages! Perfect for boys and girls! It’s a newborn sun hat, a baby sun hat, It’s great for toddlers and big kids too! This is the hat that you buy and keep for many seasons. It’s the perfect hand-me-down piece.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY TYPE OF SUNNY DAY ACTIVITY – What is your family’s favorite summer activity? A day in the park? At the beach or pool? Maybe you have a backyard safari planned or a trip to your favorite fishing hole, maybe even a grand camping trip. This is the best hat to take with you to whatever family memories you plan to make this year.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND BREATHABLE – Hats should never make you feel sweaty and uncomfortable! You shouldn’t have to compromise safety for comfort! We use only lightweight and breathable fabric that we have tested extensively! If it isn’t good enough for our kids we won’t sell it for yours!